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Tribe 7

Donnivon and Jazmyne Dodd

are a talented young couple tasked to lead our pre-teen and young adults. Donnivon is a resilient and passionate leader with a deep love for God’s young people. Together with his lovely wife Jazmyne, a young visionary, they seek to provide a solid example to our youth as they help shape them for the future. They are a couple who worships and prays together and creates a space for our youth to do the same. They aim to foster an environment of trust and transparency, providing our youth with a place to be vulnerable and understood. Their goal, to show our youth the way of Jesus and what it means to live for him.

Tribe 7 is for youth (ages 12-18) to come together to establish a foundation of faith, Christ-like character, morals, values, and behaviors. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him only. We provide a safe and judgment-free space allowing them to ask questions and embrace God in their own way. Tribe 7 has a natural enthusiasm that each member catches hold of overtime. We aim to do life together as a family while learning about the love and life of Jesus.

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