How to Pray

Prayer by definition simply means communication with GOD. It’s the love language between God and His creation. Contrary to popular belief, there really isn’t a “right” way to pray but there is such a thing as praying effectively! Here at Glory House International, we are committed to teaching the necessity of prayer and equipping EVERY believer to communicate in a manner that transforms the human heart and releases the power of GOD.

If you are someone who is new to the language of prayer, we want you to know that you are not alone & today is a great day to begin strengthening your relationship & communication with GOD.

 Below you will find the A.C.T.S. prayer model. A simple tool that will help aid you as you become intentional with your prayer time. We pray that as you apply this method to your devotional time, you would see the benefits and experience power of spending time with our Heavenly Father!


Adoration means to express deep love, respect, and honor. Adoring the Lord means offering Him the affections of your heart and acknowledging His presence, His power, His nature, and His goodness.

Praying thisLord you are God over all. I put my full trust in you because you are a God who cannot fail. You hold all power in your hands & there is nothing too hard for you. With you ALL things are possible and it is an honor to be loved by you!


The word confession has a twofold meaning. The first meaning is the act of repentance. Confessing your sins and asking the Lord for His forgiveness. Through repentance, we are made new and more like Jesus.

Praying this: God, thank you for being a forgiving God, right now I acknowledge
my sin (be specific) and I ask that you forgive me. Transform my desires to match that which you desire so that my life can be a reflection of your Holiness.

The second meaning is proclamation. When we proclaim, we announce what we believe to be true. Confessing (proclaiming) God’s Word is what makes our prayers powerful and potent.

Praying this: I thank You that every one of Your Words is truth. Your Word says that I am loved, Your Word says that I am free, Your Word says that in You, I am more than a conqueror. Help me to hide Your truth in my heart.


Thankfulness is the antidote for discouragement. Whenever we feel lost, whenever we feel defeated, whenever we feel let down, the moment we begin to reflect on God’s faithfulness in our lives we begin to experience His joy! If you sat down and began to write down each and every blessing in your life, the enemy would lose his ability to cause you to doubt God’s love for you.

Praying this: Thank you God for being faithful in keeping your promises to me. As I sit and reflect on all the ways you’ve helped me and all the many blessings you have provided in my life, my heart swells up with gratitude. 


Supplication means to ask humbly, and it is also closely related to the word “supply”. God desires for us to invite Him into our hearts and circumstances, and He delights in answering us by supplying what we need! It is also important that our desires align with His plan. Align your heart with His will through reading and praying Scripture. Remind God of his promises to you and ask Him for what you need.

Praying this: Lord I thank You for being a God who grants us the desires of our hearts when they align with Your plan. I give You my heart and ask that You would help me to be in line with Your Will. Today I bring You all my concerns (be specific) and I thank You that as I release them to You, You will be faithful to guide and provide all that I need.