The Church with Guarantees

When you join the GHI family we offer you guarantees. These guarantees are designed to help you measure your growth and show you the value that your church home should offer you. Our guarantees are:

There Will Never Be a Ceiling to Your Growth. At GHI you can grow and evolve as much as you’re willing to. This is because we have leaders who understand that they themselves can never know everything about God, as he is too big for that to be possible, so they are committed to prayer and devotion with the intent of growing closer to him. In addition, our leaders  teach Biblical principals and encourage healthy dialogues when seeking clarity and understanding.

Pupose & Destiny Will Become Clear for you. At GHI we believe that everyone’s purpose is to advance the Kingdom of Heaven allowing God’s Glory to be displayed on the Earth. Our goal is to help you understand your indivudual value to that purpose as everyone has a uniqueness to them that God wants to use to advance his Kingdom. 

We Will Do Life With You. At GHI we are a family and we have small groups and other gatherings designed to connect with one another. We grow together, fast together, celebrate together and much more. In short we want to both pray and party with you!